Feature Film


1863. The Civil War rages on. An elite squad of six Black soldiers, led by ex-slave Barabbas, have been sent on a suicide mission; to infiltrate a Confederate fort deep in the Arkansas woods and blow up its long-range guns, altering the course of the war. Teams have been sent before, but no one has ever made it out alive... They're about to find out why.  Deep in these woods is an unforeseen evil that preys on anyone who ventures too close. Turns out some things ARE worse than death.

Genre: Action Thriller

Written and Directed by: Ashley Cahill

Starring Malcolm Goodwin as Barabbas and Michael Madsen as the evil Quantrill

Featuring Furly Mac, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Okea Eme-Akwari, Triana Browne, Randy Wayne, Timothy Batten.

Produced by Pantea Ghaderi, Talia Bella and Randy Wayne