Feature Film

Only The Good Survive

A traumatized young woman named Brea Dunlee is found alone in rural Texas where a local sheriff named Cole Mack questions her. He discovers Brea and three of her friends tried to steal rare coins from a farmer and his wife, but they uncovered something far more valuable in the process. As a result, the four friends become targets of a powerful cult. The story gets more convoluted as Brea recounts her night of terror. Cole has to find out if Brea is telling the truth. Brea has to find out if Cole is who he says he is. The only thing for certain is, only one of them will survive

Official SXSW Selection 2023

Writer: Dutch Southern

Director: Dutch Southern

Producers: Justin X. Duprie and Thomas Mahoney

Co-Producers: Talia Bella and Randy Wayne

Production Services: Rebellium Films